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Prompt and effective clearance of international cargos is critical to the success of any global supply chain. As a total logistics solutions provider, GOSS deploys one of the industry’s most efficient customs brokerage operations. We have employed a team of specialists who can handle the customs operations, at our office in United Arab Emirates. Their goal is to help our clients successfully navigate complicated global trade regulations and avoid additional costs and delays to their business and customers.

As the conduit between the shipper and the regulatory agency, GOSS takes the information about your products and the financial transactions between you and your international supplier or customer, and presents the information to Customs authorities with the proper classification, value and duty assessment in the requisite formats.

GOSS delivers the resources to ensure accurate Customs filings, proper documentation, and precise classification services and expert trade consulting for successful import or export transactions.

After the custom clearance operation we provide the DOOR TO DOOR services to the clients as per the requirement. We assure the TIME BOUND deliveries are handled with special care and as per commitments.